Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have family scattered all over. Going on trips to visit them gave me a desire to want to see the world. Not just see it, but to experience it. There is something fulfilling about finding that perfect cup of coffee, or learning what your new favorite dessert is when you are not expecting it. It is the little moments in travel that I have grown to love. Be it with friends, family or young people of the next generation, there is no right or wrong way to travel as long as you are learning and growing. Also having fun is always the goal.

I will never not want to share my stories and my journeys with everyone to inspire them to see things they never knew existed and to experience those little moments that make it all worth it.

My passion has led me to work for one of the best travel agencies in my area. The best part is that it gives me flexibility to work from almost anywhere. I have done travel skill seminars, taught people how to pack in a way that gets them through customs quickly and answered a stream of questions while booking a family on the other side of the country for their summer holidays.

I always look for the best option within whatever budget I am presented with. I love it when I can get people to their dream destination safely and quickly and do it under what they were anticipating spending. I focus on location and affordability. It is my belief that the world should be accessible for everyone to experience.

In addition to itenerary building and destination advising, I am also able to book a variety of trips. I have clients who love to road trip. They will call me in the afternoons to let me know they are needing a hotel in the next few hours,,I book it and have it all ready when they arrive at their target. I book honeymoon packages, cruises, all inclusive vacations, Europe trips, flight and car packages and many more. Best of all, when going through me, if anything goes wrong, I am able to take care of it much faster and talking to me is more pleasant than waiting on hold with an 800 number. This personalized service doesn’t cost anymore than what you would pay if you did not book through me.

I never charge my clients for booking trips. I work with some wonderful vendors and have great travel partners I work with who would rather I pass my savings to the clients. It is these relationships that I have made that gives me the unique position to offer reasonable rates.

If you have any travel related questions, would like a free consultation, or know what you want and need to get it booked, please use the contact form and I will get with you as soon as possible.

Lets see where we can take you.