A tale of two pizza

It’s no secret. I love to eat. And why not? I get a feel for the people’s and cultures if places but eating the local favorites.

Around 100 years ago, there was a mass migration of peoples from the Italian peninsula to the United States. They brought with them a certain food philosophy and different traditions on preparing things. Eventually in order to make ends meet the pizzeria was born. There’s some argument as to where the first pizzeria in the United States was but New York seems to be the consensus. Then as the children of the immigrants fanned out across the country they took their foods with them. Eventually they evolved into what we now know in the United States as Pizza but it is not the same as Pizza in Italy anymore.

While it is my opinion that New York has the best pizza, people in the Midwest would strongly disagree and my boyfriend flat out chooses violence instead of agreeing with that. But California people are weird and we don’t need to talk about that.

The Midwest Pizza as seen on the top picture o on the right side has a much firmer crust and is covered with toppings. They also put an ungodly amount of shredded mozzarella on it. It is delicious it’s comforting and it will destroy your stomach. In Italy the pizza is the exact opposite. The classic margarita is the gold standard. Pictured on the left hand side. The dough is given a longer ferment and is cooked in the traditional coal oven or even wood oven if you find the right place. Basic crushed tomatoes a drizzle of olive oil if he leaves a basil and just a few nibs of fresh mozzarella make this a classic. The crust is very soft and pillowy almost like a naan bread.

Haven’t eaten Pizza all over the place I can strongly say that the Italian pizza is definitely the best. But it does not make any of the other pizzas not good just very different. It is my personal opinion that while it’s okay to call them Pizza it is not okay to call them the original Pizza as some places claim to do. And no offense to my Chicago people but I have no idea what you’re doing with that pan.

The point of all of this is seeing how local traditions customs climate and everything else can affect the food that people eat. If you really want to understand cultures and how locals live then I highly encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and away from the tourist zones and just learn about the food that the everyday person eats.

Love hugs and many pies,. Kelly

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