Who is this lady?

Me and my Niece and Nephews on my last trip to see family in NYC.

I love travel… I have to admit I have always had the bug since I was very young. Now it turns out I am just another middle aged hyperactive weirdo with too much spare time to feed the travel beast. I am one of those rare people who actually love being in the airport and the whole flying thing. I have spent way too much time studying various aircraft and flight paths. Something about the endless possibilities you get a sense of while standing in the terminal just does it for me. My job as a travel agent and advisor became a natural role for me to fall into. I relish the idea that I can give all these wonderful ideas of where to go and what to do to others and then hear their stories when they get back. I have tons and tons of itineraries I have wrote out over the years for trips I will never get to take. But I am so happy to share them with the world. The trips I do take, I cherish each minute of them. Something about seeing parts of the world so far away and realizing how small and insignificant some of our problems can be brings me into a zen state of mind. I hope you enjoy this blog and get to travel with me either in person one day or in spirit through my posts. If you ever want to go on your dream trip or would like info on travel, feel free to contact me. Hugs and Loves, Kelly

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