Hopping the pond sans jet lag

Getting to Europe can really suck. There is the flight itself, which I personally don’t mind, and the jet lag. Between New York and Paris is six timezones. That is a lot. And of course there is the 7 hour flight. Now they always seem to wait until about an hour and a half into the flight to turn off the lights period and then turning back on and that an hour and a half before you land period that is 4 hours unfortunately you’ll have to sleep which isn’t enough in nearly impossible on an aeroplane.

When way I have found to beat this is flying to London. There are about 6 flights from United States to London every day that leave early in the morning. The cities are New York and Chicago along with Washington DC. These flights generally leave between 7:30 and 9 a.m. landing about 8 or 9 p.m. local time in London.

What is great about these flights is that you’re tired from waking up early and when you land it’s time for bed. I personally love this because I can take my time getting into the city itself from the airport and then finding a lite dinner and checking into my hotel. By that time I am ready to crash.

After that it’s a simple matter of waking up the next morning. No jet lag. When you are on a limited time frame you don’t want to spend it first 4 days of your trip getting used to the time change.

London doesn’t even have to be your final destination to do this. There is a train that goes from London to either Paris or Amsterdam from St Pancras station. It takes about two and a half hours but it’s a really beautiful trip. With both of these cities being so connected to the rest of Europe, you can easily wonder to your destination with stops on the way.

The only time I do not recommend one of these flights is if you only have one week and you are going someplace far from London such as Italy. But if you are interested in a multi destination trip, this is a perfect way to begin. Another option is to take a budget carrier from London to wherever you are wanting to go.

Having done all these ways, I have found my favorite. In time you will maybe learn yours. If course just disregard this whole post is you are one of those who can sleep on an airplane for a few hours and be refreshed. I am not. Safe travels and lots of love….. Kelly

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