London, the city with many ages

One of the many pubs in my neighborhood

Something I have always found interesting is how a word can invoke an image in our mind. Just hearing it and one often has some sort of idea or some flash through there mind. London for example can invoke many images. Some might just see a dot on a map, others might get images of a Victorian era, or a Tudor Image. Maybe it will summon up a scene from Shakespeare. One might even get an idea of the punk rock scene from the 80’s or a posh tea time. Spice Girls anyone? Or is that just me?

The thing is, London is a very old city. Like old old. This is a city that hosted Roman Soldiers, and that was after the people who built stone hinge were already ancient. So whatever image you come up with for London is probably accurate.

A week or two ago, when I was walking through the city, I noticed that within a mile, one could easily see buildings of all the time periods. I saw an old building that had a record shop and a lot of punk rock things in the shop but the building itself was a few hundred years old and of Georgian time period. Then one passes a victorian style row of houses and maybe there is a new apartment building being built. All within a few blocks.

In the old city, you can see things from Tudor times, like the Globe Theatre. This is where Billy himself wrote and produced all those amazing plays such as Midsummers night Dream. (a personal favourite).

I guess the point I am making in all of these observations is that no matter what sort of time period you fangirl/boy over, you will find it in London. Skip around for yourself and check it out one day. You will never stop being surprised over the clash of the ages in this city.

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