Way too Long…..

Well it has been slightly more than 3 years since I took this photo. I had been down in Milan the week prior seeing friends and family before heading up to Paris for a little break before heading back to the states. In January 2019, none of us knew that this thing would happen.

Finally after Three LONG years, I am spending this weekend for another trip abroad. I have my clothing laid out for packing and all my skincare stuff. Now I get to decide which of these items stay home. I only travel with a carry on bag but that is for another post.

For now I am just in awe that I am finally headed back to Europe for a little visit. I doubt it will be the same. I know there will be a lot in the first few days getting covid passes and such, but that will be part of the adventure. It seems so unreal that I am making it back, but its even more of a dream of past that I was ever there. I hope some of my favourite places are still there (my crepe guy) and that I can find my best friend, the cab driver, again.

Hugs and loves, Kels

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